Domain up for grabs –

does this dress suit me?

The idea behind this site was to solve a problem that people have in their everyday lives. Whether it’s getting a new haircut, do those sunglasses really work for you, or even can you really pull off a leather jacket?

Friends and family are likely to say something (nice), randoms on the internet forums are likely to say another (mean), neither of which are honest.

What if you could simply upload a photo, safe in the knowledge no-one else would ever see it, apart from people you have never met who are incentivised to give an honest opinion via gamification

An idea for a simple Facebook/Mobile app ensued, hence i bought the domain.

At the moment ‘m too busy on other projects and have no chance of devoting enough time to this project to do it justice.

So if you would like to take it on or have a better idea for the domain then just get in contact and it could be yours. Sitting on a domain is just bad karma.

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