The Cat Api – where everyday is Caturday!

So about a week ago i was up far too early trying to shake off a particularly nasty red wine hangover, and feeling pretty sorry for myself. Nothing seemed to be helping so i plugged to term ‘Cats’ into some snazzy data feed creation code i’d been working on as a proof of concept for Coull. Thousands of funny gifs of Cats came back, putting a pretty big dent in the hangover.
A few Getter & Setter methods later, with a sprinkling of Scaling and Stat code thrown in, i had an API.

No need for API keys and exposing as much of the data as possible, it should be easy for anyone to plug Cat pictures into their website or Apps, and hopefully kick a few more hangovers into touch too. Give it a try here->

Here it is in action throwing out a random gif:

Go wild and enjoy yourself->

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