Add a QR Code to an Image

I love QR Codes, every time i see them it sparks ideas of innovative ways of utilizing them. The main draw back is of course – market take up. I would love to see an app come with every phone, or ideally built into the camera app not just on a phone handset, but in consumer point and shoots too.

Barriers in the way of this are the tools to create them, and add them to things like video and images. I was disheartended to learn that most people and agencies pay to have this done. So i’ve knocked up a quick and dirty way to create a QR code, and add it to an image.

Try the Quick and Dirty App (needs a modern browser)

I’ll iterate it at some point and plugin some tracking so you can see how many times people have viewed it.

The code is free so do with it what you will, it uses some js from the fantastic jquery drag/drop over at ThreeDubMedia

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Let users pick their own theme with Kuler API

Kuler is a simple adobe web app that lets users create a pallete of 5 complementary colours, others can then view, download, rate and comment on these themes.

The Kuler API is a fantastic resource to gain access to these themes, so why not allow users to easily theme your flash application with a simple button click.

Here’s a mini demo so you can give the gist.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download



And of course… the source code

The API Documentation for Kuler can be found here…

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