Gavin Strange – Apple store talk

Gavin Strange at Apple Store Bristol
Gavin Strange at Apple Store Bristol

Managed to catch Gavin Strange Aka JamFactory giving a talk last night at my local Apple Store in Bristol, He’s a talented guy who’s done a bit of everything in design, web, iilustration, art, and even his own line of toys. I was especially impressed with the attention to detail he’d shown in the pieces he passed round. The skateboard cuckoo clock, and box work for his Droplet toys were especially good. Unfortunatley i had to shoot off just after it finished so i didn’t get a chance to say hello, but be sure to check out his work at

Top tip if you plan on attending an Apple Store talk: Ditch the coat early doors as it gets proper warm with that many people crammed in.

2 thoughts to “Gavin Strange – Apple store talk”

  1. Hey Aden!

    I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you very much for taking the time to come listen to my talk, I really really appreciate it!

    Thanks for snapping a pic too!

    All the best,

    ~ Gav.

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