Horrendous #Bing marketing

Dodgy Bing marketing @Cabot Circus

Shame on the lazy Creative Director who signed off this terrible idea.

I can imagine the meeting, “Interns, this charity is getting a lot of press, how can we get in on this..” Intern 1: “How about something lazy we could do in a banner ad but in a shopping centre instead” Intern 2:” And what if we top it off with a really ugly stand that looks like a prison” CD: “Love it. Charge the client a week of my time while i shop for ironic t-shirts on ebay”.

People are in a shopping centre for a reason – they have money to burn. So instead of trying to get people to search for ideas on how to raise money for sport relief, let them search for all the great things that people are doing already for sport relief and encourage them to donate instead.

As a added extra you could advertise how good your engine is at localised search by showcasing activities by local people to raise money instead. None of the terrible branding on the booth supports this.

One day i’ll be suprised by some decent microsoft advertising, not today… Bing!

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